About Sat Nam

Sat Nam is a perfect Holistic, Yoga Getaway. It is not only a Yoga Studio with daily classes, but it is also a Private Holistic Retreat, an emotional rescue center for many. Sat Nam Yoga Spa is a cozy, beautiful, safe space, where by engaging the ancient wisdom, breath (pranayam), movement (kriya), meditations, mantra (sound vibration) and reflective observations, you can heal your spirit, release deeply seated stress, regain your sense of wellness and get a great workout.

The Sat Nam offers accommodations in the beautiful Catskill region. We welcome visitors as a hotel guest or as participants of our Wellness Yoga Retreats. Located less than 2 hours from New York City, our Spa Retreats are very private, accommodating a maximum of 4 guest at a time, assuring personal, one-on-one attention and care. In addition to yoga practices, organic vegetarian meals, we also offer massage treatments and personalized nutrition & wellness consultations.

Sat Nam Yoga Spa is guided by Marilyn Gitanjali Valant, who has been practicing Yoga, Meditation and studying ancient philosophies in the US, India and Nepal for almost twenty-five years. Her path has led her to become a yoga teacher, and open Sat Nam Yoga Studio and Inn in the Catskill region of NY, where she conducts classes as well as workshops and weekend retreats. Marilyn shares her personal experience with great conviction, compassion and love as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutrition and optimal weight consultant.