For thousands of years the transmission of Yogic Knowledge took place one on one, from master to seeker of the Truth, from  teacher to student.  It is the best and the quickest way to learn, to receive detailed instructions and one on one attention – the best way to accelerate your yogic practice and deepen the understanding and to speed-up healing. Private sessions are highly recommended when recovering from illness, in need of internal and external cleansing or when immediate emotional rescue is needed.

Marilyn offers private sessions in:
•  Kundalini, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga
•  Meditation & Relaxation
•  Pranayam (Healing Breath)
•  Yogic Lifestyle

Private consultations with Marilyn always include Pranayam, (Breathing Techniques) for opening the channels of the subtle body, Stretching, Physical Practice of one or more forms of Yoga for healing the body.  In addition the Private Session may consist of Nutritional and Life Style advice or a Massage. Often Meditations are given to address specific needs for personal transformation or Mantras (Chanting) for awakening consciousness and to establish body, mind, and spirit harmony, which can also be achieved by personal affirmations and self healing techniques.  The private consultation’s structure depends on the needs and the condition of the student.

To book a private session call 845-866-3063 or contact us.

Session Prices:
$108 – 1.5hr session
$375 – 4 sessions
$756 – 10 sessions